Hand grips for crossfit and gymnastics
Crossfit hand grips

Hook Hand grips

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The accessory you need to give you an extra kick when it comes to grip! Our hand grips protect your hands from the horrible tears that can happen mid-WOD.

We have added a Shark in the middle of each hand, their powerful teeth and jaws will help you stay glued to that bar and can sometimes help kicking in one or two extra reps.

For proper sizing measure from the base of your finger to the start of your wrist

  • Small : Fits up to 4 inches
  • Medium : Fits from 4 inches to 4.75 inches
  • Large: Fits over 4.75 inches

Sold in pairs!

We have your satisfaction at heart. Be ensured returns are free in case you picked the wrong size! Read our return policy for more details. 

Please keep in mind grips are a matter of personal choices and comfort, and that we will not accept returns on used grips.